10 Tips for Hiring the Best Employees Using Social Media

Take Advantage of Social Media Services to Find the Most Qualified Employees Faster

Hiring Methods Have Changed

Ten years ago, if you polled human resources personnel about the methods used to find a qualified candidate, you’d have probably heard familiar phrases such as:

  • Sifting through piles of resumes
  • Reading numerous cover letters

Social media is changing the face of business. Not only has it changed the way businesses market services, but it has recently changed the way businesses hunt for qualified employees. Of course, that's a good thing compared to responses based on polls from years ago.

There are numerous reasons to take advantage of social networks when searching for the perfect candidate. The size of the talent pool is reason enough. Facebook has over 750 million potential job candidates. Other services such as LinkedIn offer a more targeted audience. The figures could seem overwhelming, but the targeted search options make it easier and more manageable than most imagine. Here are the 10 most effective ways to snag top talent using social media.



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