6 Ways HR Can Handle Employees with Salary.com Reports

Find Out How to Deal with Employees Armed with Compensation Reports

Responding to Online Data

Salary.com estimates that at least one employee in four has viewed compensation information on the Internet within the last year. That number is expected to grow, as salary sites have become a routine component of both the job search and the career management process. In response to questions from HR professionals about what to do when an employee knocks on the door with a salary printout in hand, Salary.com has prepared this advice for and from employers on responding to online data.

There probably is no way for employers to prevent employees from using salary sites, and no advantage to doing so. Besides, organizations that pay at or near the market can benefit from third-party validation of their practices. So HR professionals should consider directing employees to the most accurate sites, with an explanation of why those sites are good. An HR professional should explain why the data might not be perfectly in line with data for their organization's reference group. Employees will respect an honest assessment of the information available on various sites. For credibility, companies should not direct employees to sites that provide unilaterally low figures just as they wouldn't direct employees to sites with inflated numbers.



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