7 Signs Your Employees Hate You

If Employee Retention & Productivity is Down, Maybe It's You and Not Them

Everybody Hates Their Boss, Right?

Let’s face it: knowing whether our employees love us or hate us as managers isn’t always high on our priority list. As long as they get their work done, it doesn’t matter whether they count you as their bosom buddy and think you are the greatest supervisor they’ve ever had, right?


Studies have shown a happy workforce has a direct correlation with high productivity. If your staff members like their jobs and feel you shine in yours, they are more likely to feel committed to their work. The reverse is true as well: employees who don’t enjoy what they do and can’t identify with management’s goals are more likely to feel disenchanted with their jobs and leave. That turnover translates into more cost for the company, more headaches for you and less productivity for your department.

So how do you know when your employees might hate you?  Here are seven good hints:



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