The Working Dead: 8 Leadership Lessons from Zombies

Everything You Need to Know about Leadership from AMC's The Walking Dead

Is Your Workforce Zombified?

Warning: this contains spoilers.

Do your employees resemble hordes of undead corpses mindlessly stumbling around the office with no sign of life or vigor in their eyes? If so, that says a lot more about you and your leadership style as opposed to them.

AMC's fictional TV show The Walking Dead is a smash hit. Set in post-apocalyptic Georgia, it centers around a small army of human survivors battling flesh-eating zombies and trying to make a life for themselves in a world gone to hell. So what does that have to do with office life? It turns out there’s a lot the average person can learn by watching Rick Grimes and his determined band of misfits survive and adapt in unprecedented and dangerous environments. More specifically, a close examination of the show provides some pretty great (and not-so-great) examples of how to lead people through tumultuous times and considerable upheaval.

So how does battling zombies and leading your employees on a daily basis mix? Check out these eight examples.



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