9 Tips for Growing Your Small Business

Know What You're Getting Into Before You Get Started

Seeking the Good Life?

Ahhhhh, the good life. Many a corporate drone have dreamed about escaping the rat race and retiring to some secluded island in the Caribbean. Beautiful white sand crinkling between your toes, sweet aromatic stogie poised between your very important lips, and crystal clear waters making you feel at peace and in control. Right? At least that’s what those myriad biz opportunity ads that come on late at night to lure you into one more pyramid scheme tell you. While we can’t judge for you whether using that product will make you the next Internet millionaire, but we can tell you what you can do to grow your small business dreams if you’re hankering even just a little bit for "the good life."

It’s been said a rough economy makes folks get creative. Unemployment wavering back and forth around 7-8% makes people desperate. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and when you worry about job security constantly, being thankful for merely having a job starts us thinking, "What can I do to get out of this?" You want security, you want to be able to provide for your family, without working 18 hour days and without giving up all of your personal life.



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