9 Ways to Turn Ordinary Employees Into Superstars

When You Can't Afford to Hire a Superstar, Create One Instead

Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Employee turnover is a fact of life in business. As hard as it is to lose good employees, we know that even our superstars -- those "one of a kind," dedicated employees we count on in our daily operations -- are destined to seek greater opportunities. After all, that's what makes them star employees: they have the drive, insight, productivity and knowledge to carry through and meet their goals.

Unfortunately, paying top dollar to hire a replacement with a demonstrated ability to immediately take over that lead position is not always an option. Many times the money is just not there to replace our top producers with top earners. Other times, spending freezes get in the way of hiring new workers, and waiting months to replace that position we counted on so heavily isn't always possible.

Consequently, many companies are finding there are benefits to training and promoting less-than-stellar employees to become superstars. Depending upon how much coaching is needed, it may be quicker to train a staff member than to hire from the outside. Equally important, however, is that it can also serve to incentivize a worker whose performance has been spotty in the past, and provide new opportunities for increasing morale and teamwork in the department. Companies often find that it can be less expensive to train and promote from within then to engage the services of an employment agency, head hunter or other support services.

But in many cases, turning our "ordinary" staff into prize-winning employees requires finding the right steps to motivate, encourage and support their progress. In this vein, here are some tips to that may help in the training process.



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