Competency Solutions

CompAnalyst Executive

IBM Kenexa Enterprise Talent Frameworks are an independently researched job-based competency library offering the broadest and deepest range of common skills classifications and criteria on the market. We provide ready-to-use job descriptions, competencies, proficiency-based behavioral statements, development goals, coaching tips and interview questions in 18 industry sectors from banking and financial services, to healthcare and high tech, to insurance, manufacturing and retail.

IBM Kenexa CompetencyManager™ is an industry-first software innovation providing centralized job model management that allows you to leverage not only our extensive job competency library, but also to integrate your company’s existing job models and  other 3rd party data.

Our competency solutions provide a common language to integrate the talent management strategy across your organization in the following ways:

  • Performance Management: Ensure clear goals and expectations are aligned to the competencies needed in a role
  • Succession and Career Planning: Ensure consistent criteria in job families and across the organization
  • Compensation Management: Develop competency-based compensation programs that attract and retain employees
  • Assessment: Align assessments to the high-impact competencies required
  • Staffing and Recruiting: Develop competency-based position descriptions that help in making more objective hiring decisions

All of IBM’s competencies include the following “accelerators” that drive action across your talent management program: 

  • behavioral statements
  • 15 learning references
  • development statements
  • coaching tips
  • interview questions