Kenexa CompAnalyst®

CompAnalyst® Reporting and Analytics

CompAnalyst Executive

The CompAnalyst® provides a centralized, cloud-based platform for compensation data management, analysis and modeling. With compensation data centralized, methodology standardized and analytical tools available, organizations can gain insight that enables them to design competitive, fair and legally defensible pay programs that meet the organization's talent goals while managing costs.

CompAnalyst enables organizations to

  • Manage third party compensation surveys and build market rates
  • Design, model and manage salary structures
  • Build and maintain job descriptions
  • Analyze compensation practices


Streamline compensation analysis processes to efficiently address internal pay practices and market competitiveness

  • Streamlines and centralizes market pricing, salary range development, internal equity analysis and pay program design
  • Provides increased visibility into compensation programs across the organization, including analysis of where a company stands in relation to external benchmarks and internal targets
  • Easy-to-use reporting and “what-if” modeling tools that enable extensive visual analysis of proposed programs, existing trends and outliers
  • Reduces time spent on low-value data management tasks so that compensation teams can focus on higher-value activities