Be Aware of How Your Employees Think of You & What You Can Do to Deal With It

Do Your Employees Think You're a Bad Boss?

Salary Talk Podcast with Vicky Oliver, Bad Bosses by Salary_Talk

Are you the "Boss From Hell?" Or are you more of an "Insatiable Narcissist?" Your employees could be putting you into one of roughly a dozen categories of bad bosses, and this podcast will help make you aware of how they think of you.

This week, Aaron and Wendy interview Vicky Oliver, who wrote the book "Bad Bosses, Crazy Coworkers & Other Office Idiots: 201 Smart Ways to Handle the Toughest People Issues." And in doing so, she provided both employers and employees with a reference guide for the various categories of horrible bosses, exasperating coworkers and just about every office problem in existence. She identifies issues, gives solutions and helps you figure out how to save yourself some anxiety in the workplace.

"When someone is driving you crazy in the workplace, use this book to look up the personality type, figure out how to deal with it and then put the book away until the next person starts driving you nuts," says Oliver.

We've all been subject to the personality types in Oliver's book. The micromanaging boss who won't let you focus on the big picture. The slave driver who won't respect your personal time off and weekends? Then there is that one coworker who is consistently late to meetings or whose subpar performance is dragging your team down. No matter which of these sticky wickets you find yourself in, Oliver's book allows you to find it, reference it, learn from it and move on.

From fining those who are late to work meetings to carefully addressing body odor issues with a less than hygienic employee, Oliver has you covered. And just in case you're one of those people who finds fault with everyone else, Oliver also tells people to look in the mirror once in a while and put some of the blame on yourself.

Equal parts humorous and insightful, this podcast---and book---is something to which we can all relate.


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