If You Took a Managerial Role for the Wrong Reasons You Might Be an "I-Boss"

Idiot Bosses: Are You One of Them?

Salary Talk Podcast with John Hoover by Salary_Talk

Dr. John Hoover is the author of "How to Work for an Idiot: Survive & Thrive Without Killing Your Boss," and this week he talks to Aaron and Wendy about being an ineffective leader in the workplace. And Hoover should know, because he is an admitted recovering Idiot Boss (or "I-Boss" as he nicknames them) and knows the signs well.

That's why he's well-qualified to offer up tips to make sure your employees don't resemble the zombies from "The Walking Dead," who outright dread coming to work every day. He even asks current bosses to consider the difficult question of "why did you accept this position?" Hoover said most bosses started out as high-performers who excelled in their roles and truly loved what they did. Whether they were sales wizards or the creative geniuses behind successful marketing campaigns, they were most likely plucked from doing something they loved and put into a managerial role. The problem is not everyone wants to be a boss and some newly crowned bosses lack necessary leadership skills.  Once they are taken out of their comfort zones and the job about which they are passionate, offered more money and a corner office and launched into the unfamiliar world of management for which they may or may not be prepared, they tend to become defensive and develop an inferiority complex. Since employees take their cues from above, if the boss is miserable then that will eventually filter down to the rank and file workers.

But in this podcast, Hoover has tips for identifying the problem and then fixing it so you and your employees no longer dread coming into work everyday.

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