5 Ways to Spot a Problem Employee

Identify Bad Employees Before They Become a Major Problem

Find Them Before They Spoil the Bunch

As a business owner and/or manager, you work hard and spend a considerable amount of time and money on hiring the right people. Prior experience, references and whether or not the person will fit into your company's culture are all things that must be carefully examined. If you're thorough and do your homework, chances are the person will likely work out.

But what happens six months, a year, or 5 years down the road when things take a turn for the worse?

Employees—especially those on the fast track—work hard to stand out and find a way to showcase their professional accomplishments to superiors. Therefore it's easy for bosses to spot an employee working hard who possesses a positive attitude, unrelenting work ethic and impressive achievements. But while these are obvious, it's more difficult (but no less important) to spot the signs of an employee who has grown dissatisfied and complacent. Not only should be on the lookout for these workers because of the turnover costs should they decide to leave, but also because allowing them to stay on the job when their hearts aren't in it is a morale killer.

So here are five ways to spot an ineffective employee.



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